Chris Bullock


Below is a list of projects in which I have actually put pen to paper. Some are moving more quickly than others, and some have been put on the back-burner awaiting further inspiration. However, all are in progress, and look forward to seeing the light of day in the near future.

Title: Location: Period: Based on: Status: Date
Le tout premier jour de Becky none timeless Becky's first ever day: 1st in the series (in French) of: Becky the baby chicken French:
in translation
Started 2012
Becky meets a new friend none timeless 2nd in the series of: Becky the baby chicken In progress Started 2012
Becky + none timeless 3rd-7th in the series of: Becky the baby chicken Conceptual  
Wodens all Aspiring Wednesbury, Staffs 1961-1968 My schooldays In progress Started 2012
The Way of the World Salford, Pembroke, India, Africa, Ireland, Derby 1841-1896 Ancestor: George Hargreaves In outline: deferred Started 2010

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