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Chris Bullock was born in 1950 in the heart of the Industrial Midlands in Staffordshire, England. Educated at Wednesbury Boys High School and then received a B.A. degree in Mathematics at York University, he started a career in Computing/Information Technology in 1971. Married in 1974, to Barbara, and bringing up his family in Derby sparked off his interest in genealogy.
After moving home, on promotion, to Cardiff, Wales and then subsequently to Cambridge with his employer, British Telecom, he retired from his career after 27 years, whilst living near Colchester.
His interest in Family History then prompted the desire to create interesting and entertaining stories around the dry bones of his genealogical research, and Bridget Coen, his great, great grandmother, was dramatically reborn in his debut historical romance Living through Hope!
Subsequently, he recreated the life of James Bridge, his great, great grandfather and his family in their struggles and achievements of the Industrial Revolution in The Waggoner.
In his spare time, Chris keeps chickens and ducks, which prompted the desire to write about Becky the baby chicken. He also practises the violin, does wood turning and travels around Europe.
His family tree can be found at:
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