Chris Bullock

A young lad grows up in a small farming community in Worcestershire. His name is James, and through his ability with horses, he makes his way from local farming to develop his livelihood in the Industrial Midlands. This is the story of his life and that of his extensive family.
Published: 11 Sep 2011 / Words: 80897 / Language: English / ISBN: 978 1 4660 4991 8
Tags: horses, sons, daughter, farming, family history, black country, canals, deprivation, industrial midlands
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In a land of poverty and deprivation, the Famine brought misery, devastation and death. One woman dared to dream of a better life. Her name was Bridget, and through her beliefs and determination, her life was about to change.
Published:  2 Aug 2011 / Words: 101417 / Language: English / ISBN: 978 1 4661 4390 6
Tags: romance, love, friendship, religion, family history, black country, irish famine, industrial midlands
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* Join Becky, the baby chicken, in the first of a series of adventures in an illustrated, entertaining and educationally charming story, that is suitable both for young children, and their parents.
Published: 31 Oct 2011 / Words: 2010 / Language: English / ISBN: 978 1 4659 4123 7
Tags: animals, children's story, illustrated, baby chicken, educational
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