Chris Bullock

The Waggoner Set in the Nineteenth Century, and based on factual family history, the story follows James as he makes his way through the trials and tribulations of his life.
As the youngest and weakest son of a large family, he is unable to deal with the harsh rigors of farming, but his way with horses enables him to find a role in the family that is beneficial to all.
His marriage to a local serving girl further establishes himself and family as valued members of the community, but a need for more work eventually drives him to the Industrial Midlands to begin a business there.
As his family grows, he is torn between his Worcestershire home and his business in Staffordshire. But the relative peace and quiet of his home has to compete with the hard labour, dirt and disease that abound in the 'Black Country'.
The Waggoner is a family saga built upon the abilities of one man and how he deals with the problems of life as he encounters them.
Extract from Chapter 1:
"It's coming… it's coming… round the last bend now…" shouted one of the lads, as the dust, hooves, snorting and streaming manes surrounding the stallions careered along the roadway. The lads and lasses leapt out of the way of the flying coach at the last possible moment, as it rushed past them to be reined in hard, with locked wheels and rearing horses, directly in front of the inn.
Everyone turned out to see the stage-coach, to gawk at the finery of some of its occupants, and to laugh at the more foppish ones - the dandies with their high collars and cravats, trousers tied beneath the knee, and waving small fancy kerchiefs... ...
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