Chris Bullock

Living through Hope! Set in the Nineteenth Century, and based on factual family history, the story follows the life, emigration and romances of Bridget from childhood and throughout her life.
As she grows up in the beautiful hills of Connemara, Ireland; she is unprepared for an enforced marriage, followed rapidly by the ravages of the Potato Famine. Forced to flee from the country of her birth, she finds love for the first time in England.
Her religious convictions and loyalty to her hated husband prevent that love from blossoming, until her husband's criminal deeds and villainous activities eventually cause his demise.
Living through Hope! is a story of survival through a catastrophe that affected millions and resulted in a mass migration from Ireland. It is also a story of hope, belief and, most importantly, love.
Extract from Chapter 7:
Bridget didnít want to leave her home!
The blackened, crumbling ruin around the still-smoking ashes was all that remained... and now everything had gone forever.
As they moved away, she turned around to glimpse the mountains in the distance... and remembered her solitary dreams as she had looked over the Lough to her Castle.
Sorrowfully and with a heavy heart, she followed her husband and parents as they started on their long journey towards the distant town of Galway... ...
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