Chris Bullock

Becky's first ever day (1st in a series of children's stories)
Join Becky, the baby chicken, in a series of adventures in an illustrated, entertaining and educationally charming story, that is suitable both for young children, and their parents.
On Becky's first ever day, she gets too big for her comfortable home, learns to walk, finds a friend, and makes some discoveries in the first of a series of short children's stories, lovingly illustrated by the author.
Look out for more children's stories about Becky, the baby chicken as she grows up.
Extract from Chapter 1:
Once upon a time there was a baby chicken called Becky.
Of course, she didnít know that her name was Becky. She didnít know that she was a chicken either, but it didnít really matter. All that she knew was that she was warm and comfortable and had no worries in the whole wide world.
Sometimes, she heard strange noises. And sometimes, it was light. And at other times, it was dark. But this she thought was how things were... ...
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