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Introduction to Real Ale

ale a beverage made from an infusion of malt by fermentation, usually with the addition of hops: name applied to beers in brewing of which yeast ferments on the top of the liquid.
actually existing: not counterfeit or assumed: true: genuine: sincere: authentic, having a foundation in fact: actually occurring or happening: undoubted.

This document is a guide to all individuals or groups that are involved or likely to be involved with beer sampling. It provides some background, highlights the structures and contacts, and identifies the processes and procedures operated to get the best out of your pint. It is intended only for internal consumption, and should not be used for education or training purposes except for those directly reporting into or matrix managed by the real ale consumers club.

Beer Books (I own): The Good Beer Guides 1979, 1993, 1999, and at last 2006; World Encyclopedia of Beer; Canal Guides (pubs on the canals - very handy for nice relaxing holidays)

List of Beers     The Personal Taste column JKL gives you a clue to my own preferences: (If blank then I can't remember)
My favourites are:  
Bass, Davenports, Earl Soham Victoria, Flowers Original, Pedigree, Wadworth 6X, Wards Best Bitter
(of  233 sampled)

Index of Breweries: A B C D E F G H J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y Breweries are the Nationals

Brewery Town/County Beer ABV


Beer ABV


Adnams Southwold/Suffolk Bitter 3.7% J Regatta 4.3% J
Adnams Southwold/Suffolk Broadside 4.7% J Barley Mow 5% J
Archers Swindon/Wilts Village Bitter 3.6%
Arkells Swindon/Wilts 3B 4% J
Badger Blandford Forum/Dorset IPA 3.6% J Dorset Best 4.1%
Badger Blandford Forum/Dorset Golden Glory 4.5% J Tanglefoot 5.1% J
Ballards Petersfield/Hants Wassail 3.8% K
Banks Wolverhampton/W Mids Bitter 3.8% J Pippin
Bass Burton upon Trent/Staffs Draught Bass 4.4% JJ
Bass Cardiff/S Glamorgan Hancocks HB 3.8% Worthington Best 3.8% J
Bass Smethwick/Birmingham M&B Brew XI 4.1% J
Bass Sheffield/Yorks Stones Best Bitter 3.7% J White Shield 5.6%
Bateman Skegness/Lincs XB 3.8% K Salem Porter 4.7% K
Bateman Skegness/Lincs XXXB 4.8% J Rosy Nosy 4.9% K
Beer Engine Exeter/Devon Piston Bitter 4.3% K
Belhaven Dunbar/Lothian 80/- Ale 4.1% J St Andrews Ale 4% J
Big Lamp Newcastle upon Tyne Prince Bishop Ale 4.8% J
Black Sheep Ripon/Yorks Best Bitter 3.8% J Special Bitter 4.4% J
Brains Cardiff/S Glamorgan Bitter 3.7% J Buckley's Reverend James 4.5% J
Brains Cardiff/S Glamorgan SA Best Bitter 4.2% J
Brakspear Henley on Thames/Oxford Bitter 3.4% J Bee Sting 4.7% K
Brewery on Sea Lancing/W Sussex Spinnaker Classic 4% K
Brunswick Derby First Brew 1036 J Festival 1046 K
Brunswick Derby Second Brew 4.2% J
Buffy's Tivetshall/Norfolk IPA 4.7% J
Bunces Salisbury/Wilts Pigswill 3.9% K
Burton Bridge Burton on Trent/Staffs BST Summer 3.8% J
Burtonwood Warrington/Cheshire Top Hat 4.8% J Buccaneer 5.2% J
Cains Liverpool/Merseyside Traditional Bitter 4% J
Caledonian Edinburgh/Lothian R&D Deuchars IPA 3.8% J 80/- Ale 4.1% J
Caledonian Edinburgh/Lothian Golden Promise 4.8% K
Camerons Hartlepool Bitter 1036 3.6% J
Carlsberg-Tetley Alloa/Clackmannanshire Kane's Amber Ale 4% Archibald Arrol's 80/- 4.4% J
Carlsberg-Tetley Burton upon Trent/Staffs Ansells Bitter 4.8% J Ind Coope Burton Ale 4.8% J
Carlsberg-Tetley Burton upon Trent/Staffs ABC Best Bitter 3.7%  
Carlsberg-Tetley Burton upon Trent/Staffs Davenports 3.9% JJ Shipstones Bitter 4%
Carlsberg-Tetley Burton upon Trent/Staffs Greenalls Mild 3.3% J Thomas Greenalls Original Bitter 4.6% J
Carlsberg-Tetley Leeds/Yorks Bitter 3.6% J Tetley Bitter 3.6% K
Carlsberg-Tetley Leeds/Yorks Goose Eye/No Eye Deer   J      
Carlsberg-Tetley Plymouth/Devon Dartmoor Best 3.7%        
Carlsberg-Tetley Rose Street/Edinburgh Auld Reekie 80/- 4.1% L      
Coach House Warrington/Cheshire Coachmans Best 3.7% J
Cock Inn Lavenham/Suffolk O'Sullivans Strong Ale 5%
Cotleigh Wiveliscombe/Somerset Nutcracker Mild 3.6% J Kiwi 3.9% J
Cotleigh Wiveliscombe/Somerset Buffy's IPA 4.6% J
Courage (Scottish) Bristol/Avon Best Bitter 4% (Georges) Bitter Ale 3.2% J
Courage (Scottish) Bristol/Avon Directors 4.8% J Rocketeer 4.5% J
Courage (Scottish) Fountain/Edinburgh McEwan 70/- or Youngers 3.7% K McEwan 80/- or Younger IPA 4.5% J
Courage (Scottish) Nottingham Home Bitter 3.8% K      
Courage (Scottish) Ripon/Yorks Theakston Best Bitter 3.8% J Theakston Old Peculier 5.6% J
Courage (Scottish) Ripon/Yorks Black Bull Bitter 3.9%      
Courage (Scottish) Tadcaster/Yorks John Smiths Bitter 3.8% L
Dent Dent/Cumbria Bitter 3.7% J Fellbeck 4% J
Dyffryn Clwyd Denbigh Cwrw Arbennig Porthmon 4.2% K
Earl Soham Earl Soham/Suffolk  Victoria 3.6% JJ Albert 4.4% J
Eccleshall Eccleshall/Staffs Slaters Bitter 3.6% K Slaters Original 4% K
Eldridge Pope Dorchester/Dorset Royal Oak 5% L
Everards Narborough/Leicester Beacon Bitter 3.8% J Tiger Best 4.2% J
Everards Narborough/Leicester Old Original 5.2% J
Exchange Sheffield/Yorks Bentleys Yorkshire 3.8% Trophy 3.8%
Felinfoel Llanelli/Dyfed Traditional Bitter 3.2%
Flagship Chatham/Kent Spring Pride 4% J
Fullers Chiswick/London Chiswick Bitter 3.5% J London Pride 4.1% J
Fullers Chiswick/London ESB 5.5% K
Gales Horndean/Hants Best Bitter 3.8% K HSB 4.8% J
Grand Union Hayes, Middlesex Bitter 3.6% J Honey Porter 4.9% L
Greene King Bury St Edmunds/Suffolk IPA 3.6% J Abbot Ale 5% J
Greene King Bury St Edmunds/Suffolk Rayments Special 4% J XX Dark Mild 3%
Guinness Park Royal/London Draught 1038 K (Dublin) Draught 1038 J
Hampshire Romsey/Hants Pendragon 4.8% J
Hansons (Banks) Dudley/W Midlands Bitter 3.3%
Hardington Bristol/Avon Jubilee Strong 5% J
Hardys & Hansons Kimberley,/Notts Kimberley Best Bitter 3.9% J Kimberley Classic 4.8% K
Hart Little Eccleston/Lancs Amethyst 4.2% J
Harveys Lewes/E Sussex Sussex Best Bitter 4% J
Hexhamshire Hexham/Northumberland Whapweasel 4.8% L
Holden's Dudley/W Midlands Bitter 3.9% J Golden Glow 4.4% K
Hook Norton Banbury/Oxford Best Bitter 3.3% Old Hooky 4.6% J
Hop Back Salisbury/Wilts GFB 3.5% K Summer Lightning 4.4% J
Hoskins Leicester Bitter 3.9% J
Hull Hull/Humberside Guvernor 4.8% K Kingston Ale 4.6% J
Hydes' Anvil Manchester Bitter 3.8% J
Jennings Cockermouth/Cumbria Bitter 3.4% J Cumberland Ale 4% K
Jennings Cockermouth/Cumbria Cumbria Pale 1032 J
John Thom... Ingleby/Derbyshire JTS XXX 4.2%
Joshua Tetley Leeds/Yorks Bitter 3.6%
Kelham Island Sheffield/Yorks Pale Rider 5.2% J
King &Barnes Horsham/W Sussex (PA) Sussex Bitter 3.5%
Lees Manchester Bitter 4% J John Willies K
Lloyds Inglby/Derbyshire Classic 3.4%
Longstone Belford/Northumberland Bitter 4% J
Malton Malton/Yorks Owd Bob 6% K
Mansfield Mansfield/Notts Riding Bitter 3.6% J Mansfield Bitter 3.9% J
Mansfield Mansfield/Notts Chadburns Goal Post 4% J
Marstons Burton upon Trent/Staffs Ashes 4.1% J Burton Best Bitter 3.7% J
Marstons Burton upon Trent/Staffs India Export 5% J Old Empire 5.7% J
Marstons Burton upon Trent/Staffs Pedigree 4.5% JJ Tesco Select IPA 5% J
Mauldons Sudbury/Suffolk (Moletrap) Bitter 3.8% J George's Best 4.4% K
Mauldons Sudbury/Suffolk Golden Brew 3.4% K Millenium Yawn 4%
Mauldons Sudbury/Suffolk White Adder 5% L Gina's Xmas Revenge Strng K
McMullen Hertford/Herts Original AK 3.8% J
Moorhouse's Burnley/Lancs Pendle Witches Brew 5.1% J
Mordue Shiremoor/Tyne & Wear Workie Ticket 4.5% J
Morland Abingdon/Oxford Ruddles Best Bitter 3.7% J Original Bitter 4% K
Morland Abingdon/Oxford Old Speckled Hen 5.2% J Ruddles County 4.9% J
Morrells Oxford Bitter 3.7% Graduate 5.2%
Nethergate Clare/Suffolk IPA 3.6% J Bitter 4.1% K
Nethergate Clare/Suffolk Swallow J
Nethergate Clare/Suffolk Growlergate 4.8% K Old Growler 5.5% L
Oakham Peterborough/Cambs Jeffrey Hudson Bitter 3.8% J
Oak Heywood/Gtr Manchester Best Bitter 1038 J
Plassey Wrexham Bitter 4% J
Redruth Redruth/Cornwall Sharpe's Own 4.4% J
Ridleys Chelmsford ESX 4.3% J 4 Seasons J
Ridleys Chelmsford IPA Bitter 3.5% J Christmas Ale 5.1%
Ringwood Ringwood/Hants Best Bitter 3.8% J
Robinson's Stockport/Cheshire Hartleys XB 4% J Best Bitter 4.2% J
Robinson's Stockport/Cheshire Frederics 5% K Old Tom 8.5% L
Robinson's Stockport/Cheshire Coopers Bell K
Rudgate Tockwith/Yorks Viking 3.8% K
Samuel Smith Tadcaster/Yorks Old Brewery Bitter 4% L
Shepherd Neame Faversham/Kent Master Brew Bitter 3.7% K Best Bitter 4.1% J
Shepherd Neame Faversham/Kent Spitfire Premium Ale 4.7% J Bishops Finger 5.2% J
Shepherd Neame Faversham/Kent Late Red Autumn Hop Ale 4.3% J
Smiles Bristol/Avon Brewery Bitter 3.7% Golden Brew 3.8%
Smiles Bristol/Avon Best Bitter 4.1%
Snowdonia Waunfawr/Gwynedd Experimental Ale 5% J Strong Bitter 5.2% K
Springhead Newark/Notts Roaring Meg 5.5% J      
St Austell St Austell/Cornwall Bosun's Bitter 3.1% J Tinners Ale 3.7%
St Austell St Austell/Cornwall Dartmoor Best Bitter 3.9% Hicks Special (HSD) 5%
St Austell St Austell/Cornwall Tribute 4.2% J
Summerskills Plymouth/Devon Best Bitter 4.3% Ninjabeer 5% L
Taylor Keighley/Yorks Golden Best 3.5% K Landlord 4.3% L
Thwaites Blackburn/Lancs Bitter 3.4%
Titanic Stoke/Staffs White Star 4.8% L
Tolly Cobbold Ipswich/Suffolk Bitter 3.6% J Harwich Bitter 3.6%
Tolly Cobbold Ipswich/Suffolk Original 3.8% J Old Strong 4.6%
Tring Tring/Hertfordshire Old Icknield Ale 5% J
Uley Dursley/Glos Bitter or Hogshead 3.5% J
Ushers Trowbridge/Wilts Best Bitter 3.8% J Winter Storm 5.2% K
Ushers Trowbridge/Wilts Founders Ale 4.5% J
Vaux Sunderland/Tyne & Wear Samson 4.1%
Wadworth Devizes/Wilts (Henry's Original) IPA 3.8% Summersault 4% J
Wadworth Devizes/Wilts 6X 4.3% JJ Old Timer 5.8%
Wards Sheffield/Yorks Sheffield Best Bitter 4% JJ
Wells Bedford Eagle IPA 3.6% Bombadier Best 4.2%
Wethered Marlow/Bucks IPA 1041
Whim Hartington/Derbys Special Ale 4% K
Whitbread Manchester Boddingtons Bitter 3.8% J      
Whitbread Hartlepool/Co Durham Castle Eden Ale 4.2% K Nimmo's (Castle Eden)   K
Whitbread Cheltenham/Glos Best Bitter 3.5% Flowers Original 4.5% JJ
Whitbread Cheltenham/Glos West Country Pale Ale 3% Fremlins Bitter 3.5%  
Wickwar Wickwar/Glos Brand Oak Bitter 4%
Wolf Attleborough/Norfolk Coyote 4.3% J
Woodforde's Norwich/Norfolk Wherry Best Bitter 3.8% J Great Eastern Ale 4.3% J
Woodforde's Norwich/Norfolk Nelson's Revenge 4.5% K
Wychwood Witney/Oxon Fiddlers Elbow 4% K Hobgoblin 4.5% J
Wyre Piddle Evesham/Worcs Old Toms Tipple
Yates Aspatria/Cumbria Bitter 3.7% J Fever Pitch 3.9% J
Young's Wandsworth/London Bitter 3.7% K

Index of Breweries: A B C D E F G H J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y

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