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Just a few of my Hobbies over the years!

Family History Family History Genealogy of the Bullock & Gratton Families
Births, Marriages & death Records in and around Wednesbury, Staffordshire

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Living through Hope! My novels written about my ancestors in and around Wednesbury, Staffordshire in the nineteenth century.
by Chris Bullock

The Waggoner
Becky's First Ever Day The first in a series of charmingly illustrated children's stories about a baby chicken.
Art & Craft Art Gallery A few family pictures - Pen & Ink, watercolour, oils, embroidery  
  Woodturning Beautiful, hand-turned, wooden ornaments & jewellery
Purchase ideal gifts for yourself and/or your special friends

Hadleigh Orchestra Concerts

Chickens & Poultry Chicken Breeds Photographs and descriptions of the majority of
UK Breeds of Chicken
  e-chickens Site for Barbara & Chris' Smallholding - mainly chickens, ducks, but also Sheep, Goats, Geese, Cat, Dog, Cockatiels & Peacock
  The Leghorn
Poultry Club for the Leghorn breed of Chickens  
Miscellaneous Beer Guide CRJB's guide to pubs and beers around the UK and Canada Beer Guide
Set up 10/02/2005   Last updated: 16/11/2016


Scuba Diving

Chris & Barbara's experiences and trips to explore the depths of the ocean